DJ Billy Rask, 
Entertainment Account Manager,

Billy Started with us in late 2013 to help out in a pinch. We have since decided to have him as a full time DJ on our staff. He majors in Country and Rock music with a minor in Modern pop music. He has a great Customer service skill set, which is very important in our business. He will start in 2015 as our DJ Manager, booking appointments and scheudling events. We are very proud of what he has accomplished in such a short time. Please call us or email us anytime if you would like to schedule a meeting with Billy.  

Email: Billyr
DJ Patrick, 

Patrick has been DJing since 2001 as a freshman in college, DJing School functions & night clubs. As an avid lover of all genres of music; Jazz, Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, Country, R&B, Hip Hop, etc, Patrick enjoys the power that music has, to change a person’s mood, character, day, and environment. Music is the greatest and most powerful universal language of happiness. Patrick affiliates himself with some of the best professionals in the business and always takes advice from them as well as clients to be able to provide the best possible quality service when employed. He treats this profession with the utmost respect and know that a potential client is more than just a client, but one with personality, character and identity. He loves the atmosphere, interaction and character that he experiences at every event he is privileged to become a part of.
"There is nothing greater than knowing that on a wedding day, prom, party, graduation day, you made someone happy and that memory will last forever. One of the best things I like to do is to understand all aspects of your needs, and it helps a great deal if at the end of any interaction we are all on the same page. This makes everyone appreciate what is at stake and most importantly, we can all look forward to a great experience. I have DJed many weddings, proms, private corporate parties, holiday events, graduations and birthdays."



AMP'D Entertainment

DJ Sam Parmley,

In 1997 I first started off DJing house parties. I remember I would spend my whole pay check at the record store. At the age of 20 I got my first club residency at a club where I played classic 90's dance music and learning the ins and outs of the promoting business. Quickly learning that mainstream top 40 is what was mostly requested, so I decided to go digital and increased my mainstream library. Over the next 10 years I would go on to guest DJ or hold residencies at almost every club in the city. As I was working at the bars, people would always ask if I could DJ their wedding. I could remember the first wedding I ever did. It was so much fun and I absolutely loved it. I moved to Spokane with my Family and started working in the clubs here. While living in Spokane, I was approached by Justin, with AMP’D Entertainment, and asked to work on wedding entertainment with them. I started work with AMP’D in 2009. I started off doing school dances and am slowly learning the difference between wedding DJing and club DJing. I wasn’t sure how different weddings were compared to clubs until I started working with AMP’D on weddings. They have such high expectations, not only for me but, for the weddings they book, and it challenges me to take my knowledge of music to the next level and apply it towards weddings. The main difference between club and weddings to me is the fact that it is sometimes more challenging to get people on the dance floor. In the club setting, I play music I liked and it worked out great. In the wedding setting, I have to play music aimed towards the crowd. I feel I have learned so much and also have much to learn. I love working with AMP’D because Justin makes everything very simple and clear and I have so much fun.  Thank you and I hope to see you very soon.

Phone: 509-838-9861
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Brentano Russelli,

Brentano comes from the land of the ice and snow, Fairbanks Alaska. Not exactly a world renown haven for notable musicians but as a kid growing up playing guitar and cutting and splicing reel to reel tape to make custom mixes of his parents favorite Albums. Eventually his parents bought him a turntable at a yard sale. And soon thereafter they moved to a place more sustaining of a music scene Miami, Florida. Talk about a musical cultural shock. The sounds of the 80's in Miami were unstoppable next to being in a long haired rock n roll band which at some point he was. Playing records at house parties to eventually banging his head on stage, Brentano always was doing something with music & playing in bands through the mid 90's when he decided to finally ditch the boys in the band and go back to playing music by himself as a DJ. It all started with playing music during the band breaks at the local hotspots and eventually turned into a full time gig. Going from one nightclub to the next from town to town but always coming home to The Spokane/Cd'A area. Than after the turn of the century Brentano heard of an opportunity to join a global band of brothers known as the Red Bull Music Academy. So he got online made some contacts, filled out some very long extensive paperwork, made a mix, sent to it all to Austria and than got the call to be one of 60 people on the planet chosen to come to the inaugural year of the RBMA. And ever since he has enjoyed the love of the music, playing for crowds all over the world and now settles in the area with designing and ensuring that whatever your gig calls for that it is the best that it absolutely can be.

Phone: 509-838-9861